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Paid Viewpoint – Your Winning Strategy to Make Money Online With Paid Viewpoint Surveys

Paid Viewpoint – Your Winning Strategy to Make Money Online With Paid Viewpoint Surveys

Paid Viewpoint is a division of AYM market research, Ask Your Target Market offers an Online Market Research product that assists agencies and brands gain new insights from their exact target audiences. According to their site: Paid Viewpoint is an online market research surveys site built upon four key principles: participation, relevance, measurement and insight. They base these on the Theory of Decision Criticism. To further enhance their paid viewpoint system they have developed an enhanced version of a traditional opinion poll with the following added benefits:


* Per Month Pay – You can select a fee per month payment plan that has the option to pay you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You will be able to get paid for each survey you take at any time, either randomly or by the hour. The survey completion time differs between individuals and companies, so each company will calculate how much you have completed based on your own personal schedule. If you have special skills or access to specific information that will help the company improve their products and services, you will be paid more. For example, if you excel in one area or are an expert on a particular topic, you may be offered higher survey pay rate.


* Per Day Pay – You will only be charged when your survey is complete. This means you don’t have to pay to get paid! With Paid Viewpoint you pay only when you complete a survey and not for hours or days you haven’t made an effort to complete a survey.


* Creating a Character – By taking the initial free trial you can test the paid viewpoint program. When you complete the first survey, you will have a maximum of one free survey to complete. The second survey will give you up to ten thousand dollars in paid points. Now that’s making money online! Each survey you complete goes towards increasing your character’s maximum potential for future earnings.

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* Creating a persona – You become a unique character with your profile. Think of it like your website. Your persona represents you and is what people will perceive about you when they first come to your website. When you take a paid viewpoint test you will have to answer several demographic questions. These questions will determine what type of people you are, your age, gender, religion, education, etc. Each question will also have a corresponding maximum amount of points you will be eligible to receive after you have reached your age and gender maximum.


* Maxing out your income earning capacity – As you earn your maximum amount of paid points, you will be able to receive even more money every day once your income cap has been reached. This maximum income cap is equivalent to the amount of time you have been online. So if you’ve been online for six months, you will be able to receive an additional ten thousand dollars per day once your income cap has been reached. This makes paid viewpoint one of the easiest ways to make money online.

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* Earning multiple streams of income – You earn money online by taking a paid viewpoint survey as well as receiving points for each survey you complete. Once you reach ten questions per day, you will receive an extra bonus of ten percent of your regular survey pay. After you have earned this extra income you can do anything you want with it. You can use it to purchase gifts or take that extra vacation you have been wanting. Just think, you could even earn enough money to quit your job and live on the money you are making from your paid viewpoint survey!


Paid viewpoints will not only increase your income but will also provide you with the extra convenience of being able to do everything from take a quick survey to being able to interact with other consumers. Paid viewpoints survey sites are available for all ages, income levels, geographic locations, industries, political affiliation, age, marital status, and more. The companies who are conducting these surveys are continuously seeking new people to take their surveys so they do not become obsolete. If you have not yet joined one of these sites, it is time you did so. Paid viewpoint is a great way to earn money and spend it on the things you need or want.

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