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How to Make Your Favorite French Breakfast Food Healthier

How to Make Your Favorite French Breakfast Food Healthier

In the United States, French Toast is more commonly known as fried bread. But in Europe, it is an entirely different story. Usually, when you say “French toast” or” dead”, it is an honorific form of address for a married couple. This is because the traditional etiquette in the UK is to address it as just that: a married pair’s toast.


If you do decide to use the savory style of bread in your toast, then there are plenty of benefits that you can reap from a healthier French toast breakfast. For one thing, this type of bread is made with whole grains and legumes. Foods like wheatgerm, barley, and oats make up the nutritional content in a typical loaf of bread. A wheat-free version may be available if you are able to tolerate gluten, but most people do not.


A healthier option for bread is using whole grain bread without the added refined sugar, which can cause your blood sugar level to rise. A healthier alternative to the classic omelet is also available. In this case, you can substitute heavy cream for the milk. You can also substitute turkey bacon or ground turkey for the turkey bacon fat tha

t is often used in the traditional version of the toast. When you toast with maple syrup, you have a rich, hearty breakfast that is easy to enjoy.


A healthier alternative to whole-wheat bread is using brown rice instead. When you toast with brown rice salad, it will have the same amount of fiber and nutrients as whole-wheat toast, without the harmful saturated fat and sodium that are found in regular whole-wheat breads. These brown rice crackers are made by mixing whole-wheat breadcrumbs with a bit of olive oil or butter and then baking them in a pan until they are golden brown.


A healthy French toast recipe is not complete without a few ingredients. A good source of fiber is finely chopped or ground radish seeds or cardamom. You can add the seeds to your toast to make it more interesting and nutty. Another ingredient you will need is some nutritional yeast, available at any health food store. Nutritional yeast provides B vitamins, which are important to maintain a healthy metabolism and to keep the digestive tract healthy.


There is no need to add salt or pepper to your toast if you do not want to. A

Healthier French Toast

lot of times when we eat out, the restaurants serve a lot of condiments and salt and pepper and we don’t realize how much of these we are adding to our food. A healthier option is to buy a jar of your favorite marinara sauce and spread it on top of the toast. You can also reduce the amount of butter you use by half and cook it longer, just a couple of minutes to give it a healthier twist.


The final thing you need in order to make your sandwich into a healthier option is to add a whole-grain bread to the mix. Whole-grain bread contains less fat than its white counterpart and has more fiber. In addition, whole grain bread has more nutrients like calcium and protein. Add this to the lettuce and tomato and you will have a healthy version of your favorite breakfast food.


Finally, the last key to creating a healthier French Toast is to top it with fresh fruit. A fruit topping works especially well here because it does not contain any excess sugar. Apples, bananas, strawberries and grapes all go great. If you want to go all out, you can drizzle some additional syrup over the entire piece and enjoy. A healthier choice of toast definitely has its advantages.

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