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How to Maintain a Sunless Tan

How to Maintain a Sunless Tan

Learning how to maintain a sunless tan will make you think twice about the various disadvantages of this skin tanning method. Sunless tanning has been one of the many ways that people can get a beautiful tan without having to go to the beach or spend hours lying outdoors. Sunless tanning is not only easy to do, but it also offers some really great results in a short period of time. You need to keep in mind the different disadvantages of sunless tanning and decide if they outweigh the benefits to you. This article will discuss these disadvantages and explore some solutions to overcome them.


The biggest disadvantage of sunless tanning is that it is not healthy. Getting a sunburn is no fun and can leave your skin irritated and dry. Another big disadvantage of sunless tanning is that it can take up to four weeks to achieve an even tan. You need to be patient when using this method and not expect to get a nice tan in one day.


A common disadvantage of sunless tanning is the time involved in getting the perfect tan. This method requires several hours in the sun, so you are usually required to spend several days to obtain an e

ven tan. If you are not able to stay out for this long, then you will notice that your tan fades very quickly. You must also be aware of the possibility of skin cancer and other serious health risks from overexposure to ultraviolet rays. The solution to this problem would be to expose yourself outdoors more often or use a self-tanner or lotion.


The second disadvantage of sunless tanning is the cost of using this method. It is not cheap and can easily become a waste of money if you do not get good results. In some cases, you may not even find a high quality self-tanning lotion or kit because they tend to be expensive. A sunless tanning solution may also be too harsh for your skin, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. If you have problems with sensitive skin or your tanner requires you to spend several days in the sun, then this method is not the best way on how to maintain a sunless tan.


Another disadvantage of using self-tanners and lotions to maintain a sunless tan is that they can actually be damaging to your skin. When you apply these products, you can over apply them and cause your skin to become drier than normal. If this happens, you may have premature aging of the skin or fine lines developing around your mouth and eyes. If you need to maintain a healthy looking tan, you may not want to use s

elf-tanning products, but you may want to invest in a professional sunless tanning solution.


A good tanning solution will help you achieve the color of your choice and will moisturize your skin so that it stays hydrated. It is better to spend a few dollars on a quality self-tanning lotion than you would

How to Maintain a Sunless Tan

on a cheap tanning solution. If you already have a tan, you may want to consider investing in a professional sunless tanning solution. If you never want to have a tan, you can just use a moisturizer while you are getting a self-tan.


If you know how to Maintain a Sunless Tan, then you have learned how to make the best use of the time you have to be in the sun. If you are someone who prefers self-tanning, you should not let your tan fades. It is important to keep a sunless tan as long as possible, and using a quality self-tanning lotion will help you maintain your tan as long as possible. It is also important to protect your skin from damage caused by exposure to

the sun. Using quality sunscreen protects the skin from dangerous UV rays.


A good moisturizer is a great way to keep your skin moisturized. If you find yourself in the mid-afternoon, you should moisturize your skin again. The most moisturizing products have SPF and anti-oxidants. By moisturizing regularly, your skin will stay hydrated, smooth, and glowing.

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